Artist creates hard to imagine combo photos to tickle your funny bone

While some artists and photographers are creating fabulous art by combining photography and some really cool Photoshop skills, artist and photographer, Stephen McMennamy is busy creating combo art pieces to create funny and unimaginable art works. McMennamy takes two surreal images and joins them together to create the pieces of this unimaginable series. He sometimes take help from his fellow photographer friends.

Read-on to see his amazing and out of the world artworks.

Let’s play!

lets play golf

Let’s first eat our cereal.

I love my cereals

How about a roller skate ride on the truck?

the super truck

We will have some ice-cream on our way back.

scoop it

Let’s paint it blue!

hairy painting brush

Thank you so much, Hammer Man, your help is appreciated.

hammer man

Let’s go out for some fries!

fries in a cigarrette box

Need a drink!

need some water

And then, we will go out to ski.


And buy some guava balloons.


Better listen to some delicious music.

delicious headphones

Looks what’s that!

crabby crane

Can you help me with the pliers.

crab plier

Tomato punch?

bold tomato

Surfing knife?


After watching all this you will definitely need a smoke? So here you go!

cigarette and factory

We have to say, his imagination has no limits. And the best thing about his artwork is that he has not tried to cover up the spots that show that two pictures have been joined to create this bizarre yet funny artwork. You could follow the artist with quirky imagination here: Stephen McMennamy.