#IAmNotDown: Radhika Vaz talks about how men would be unapologetic, if they had periods

You are at a party with your friends; when they ask you to dance, you tell them, “I am down!” What does that mean? Are you feeling down and low or you have an issue down there? If men were to get periods, will they behave like we do too? 

We can’t say it out loud so we whisper it into our friend’s ears.

I have my chums

Well that’s embarrassing, isn’t it?

For us to say

How will men react if they had their period? Will they be shameful? No, not at all!


They will be like.

Hey man got my period bro. My P game. I am the P man.

When we can’t imagine men being shameful about getting periods, why are we ashamed of it?

Popular stand-up comedian, Radhika Vaz talks about how men would behave if they were to get their period and she is on point. You must watch this video.


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