15 witty and cheeky wordart posters of everyday words will bring a smile on your face

Everyday words if put in a witty, creative way in cheeky colours can totally become a piece of funny art. Keeping this in mind, Delhi-based artist, Vivek Choudhary has designed these really cool posters which will connect with you instantly and bring a smile on your face.  Artist has picked up Hindi words with a combination of an English word. Result?  The combined word gives an altogether new meaning to the ‘new-found’ funny word. Do one thing as you read the word, SAY IT OUT LOUD! :D

1. अप्नापन – अपने pun जरूरी है।

apna pun


2.  (बदतमीज) Acting bad.

bad tameez


3. Bandana

bun dana


4. चम्मच – Two bags tea and one spoon sugar.

cham much



5. Designer – A male designer referring to the Hindi word for male in the word. Not to sound sexist of course.

desig ner


6. (दीवार) Walls keep away wars.

di war


7. Every day’s responsibility (जिम्मेदारी).

gym adari


8. हरण – The verb reminding the mighty demon king Ravana’s abduction of Sita.

h run


9. ज़बर्दस्ती – You blame your friends when they play the emotional card on you.

ja bar dasti


10. खिलाफ – Laughing against the will so they can hate you more.

khi laugh


11. किताब – People’s preference over books nowadays.

ki tab


12. (पुरस्कार) May the odds be against us.

pu ras kar


13. (सफेद) White, a color without color.

sa fade


14. (सुंदर) Beautiful Sun.

sun dar


15. सुहागरात – Wedding Night. What we can also call it. 

swag raat



Courtesy Vivek Choudhary BehanceCheekywordart