Cab driver hit her car thinking she was alone; when she got out along with her husband, he had the worst time of his life

Imagined being followed and attacked by a car in the broad daylight?

Women safety is such a big issue at the moment. After Uber, many other cab vendors have been asked to keep a strong check on the drivers they hire to run their taxi services. The latest incident of a cab driver harassing and hitting a woman’s car just happened just yesterday! The victim who safely got out of the situation because she was accompanied by her husband,  shared their experience and their concern regarding women’s safety on their Facebook profile

ola cab driver

The lady, a young professional woman was driving back home along with her husband from their office. After a few minutes of driving she was followed by a cab driver who thought she was the only one in the car.  The driver hit her car from the right, shocked when she looked at him she saw him making indecent gestures at her. When the cab driver tried to hit her car again this time, from the left-side, he found out that the woman was not alone and her husband was travelling along with her. Looking at him the driver tried  to speed away but was caught by the lady and her husband at the Gurgaon toll. The incident happened in front of the Airtel office in Gurgaon.

“He didn’t calculate the Gurgaon toll that came on the way. We managed to stop him and Varun (her husband) got down and gave him enough grief he would remember for a very long time.”

After much dialog, the driver revealed that he worked for OLA cabs services and he was on duty. Her husband gave him the last warning and went back inside the car. When the lady got out to give him her piece of mind, the driver uttered a few words which worsened the whole situation and the lady got really furious, he said, ” Behna maaf kar de mujhe “. He later on tried to make excuses to get out of the situation, ” meri abhi beti hui hai hospital mein, mujhe jaane do “. After being scolded and insulted by the couple, the driver went his way.

“I am sure this man will think enough times before he does that again to a girl. But what if I in fact was driving alone? What if this guy followed me on my 32 km journey back home? Right now I was in another car, what if it was me or someone else riding in his cab ? I for sure wasn’t wearing short clothes, I for sure wasn’t drinking , I for sure wasn’t out at night , I for sure wasn’t alone/ or with boyfriend, then why me? Why me Delhi? The complaint that I lodged with Ola has got him off duty, but what about the others like him ?”

ola cab

Such men find lame excuses to get out of any situations. Considering the fact that he was on duty and would have gone to either pick or drop someone, any passenger’s safety is in very weak and faulty hands.