Boy abandoned for coming out as gay, raised $100,000 for being one

One must be in a relationship with a person from the opposite sex – that is what is considered to be the appropriate way in our “culture”. Anything or anyone exception to this norm is considered to be an outcast or a disgrace. Therefore, if you are a homosexual or a bisexual, you’ll be done for your life! Forget people being practical about your sexuality or even logical towards it, the thousands of years of society beliefs overpower their brains, they start thinking “straight” and what results to that is something no one is alien to.


Something similar happened with a Georgian boy named Daniel Ashley Pierce, when he first confronted his family as he was gay. Their reaction will sting you. By uploading a video on YouTube showing his family’s reaction toward him being gay, not only did he get 5 million views, but it also attracted huge criticism over the Pierce’s frame of mind on such a sensitive issue.

Daniel was asked to leave the house and also was abused verbally and physically. After watching this, certain questions are raised like did his sexuality define him, was that all to him? Did it need a permission from the society? And lastly, are we using god as shield for such a behavior? Well, if that is what they think, then all hail the lord, as he sent people to help this homeless and abandoned boy and his boyfriend. An Atlanta-based organization Lost-n-Found has till now collected $94,000 by a campaign named GoFundMe which was run to support him, but Daniel has decided to donate all the money to a local LGBT organization instead, who are right now helping him relocate.

What people need to understand is, any person coming out of closet doesn’t need any judgment. A man loves a man! So? At least someone is! Remember, God only started to make Men in Pink to reduce the carbon foot print!

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