10 lesser known facts about the warrior Kartikeya, Lord Ganesha’s brother

Ganpati Bappa is here and we all are up for a show. Some call him Bappa, while some may like to call him Gannu Bhaiya. All the joyous juices are dripping out of our hearts. However, there are not many who know about Ganesha’s elder brother- Kartikeya. Yes, you read it right, Kartikeya- Shiv and Parvati’s elder son.

Here I bring to you some lesser known facts about Kartikeya- The-Not-Much-Hyped-God!

1. Warrior God
While Ganpati is more of a chilled out god, who loves to eat and relax, Karthikey is known for his fighting skills. He is therefore called the Warrior God.


2. The handsome looker
Not many know that Kartikeya had the looks to kill. He was extremely handsome!


3. The Snake and the Peacock

This is gonna be interesting. If you see Kartikeya’s picture carefully, you’ll notice that he rides on a Peacock and the peacock clutches a snake in his claw.

Well, the snake symbolizes ego. Kartikeya is smart, he doesn’t want to give up ego (I am sure nobody can) but has the ability to control it. Now that’s what you call a perfect man!


4. The one with six heads
Yes, you read it right! He has 6 heads. There are many stories behind this. Some say that the 6 heads allow him to see in all possible directions in a war.


5. A dozen hands and feet
Not only 6 heads, he had 12 hands and 12 feet to add on to the strength required to fight a war. Just imagine, 1 man with a dozen hands and a dozen feet! Super cool, right? He could easily list his name as one of the Marvel characters!


6. The unbelievable myths
Some say that there were actually 6 babies that were born and when Parvati saw them and she was mesmerized by their beauty. She was so mesmerized that she hugged them all at one time. Her hug was so powerful that all the 6 babies merged into one baby and only the heads, hands and feet remained.


7. Who’s the smarter one?

We all know our strong and weak points, isn’t it? So did Kartikeya and Ganesh. Once they were asked to prove that who loved their parents (Shiva and Parvati) more. To come to a conclusion, they were told to take a round the of the entire world thrice and whoever would come first, would prove that he loved his parents more.

Kartikeya sat on his peacock and went on to complete the task whereas Ganesh didn’t have anything to ride on, so he played it smart. He took 3 rounds around Shiva and Parvati and said that his parents mean the world to him.

Hence proved- Ganesh knew his strength and that was his wit and intelligence while Karthikey knew his, and that was power and speed.


8. Corrected Bramha
He exposed Brahma’s ignorance of the Vedas and hence got the name Brahmā-Śāstā. All those who think he’s not smart, with this I am sure you’ll change your minds!


9. A Perfect husband/boyfriend
Girls, if you knew a guy with the qualities of Kartikeya, wouldn’t you want to marry him? An able warrior, looks that could kill, speed that made the winds lose pace. I certainly would!


10. Born to kill

Well, yes! Kartikeya was born to kill. Or to put it in better words, can we say- licensed to kill? Keeping the jokes apart, he was born to kill a demon called Tarkasur. I am sure you would have heard his name in daily soaps or story books.


This Ganesh festival, let’s not forget to also remember his great brother, Kartikeya, the warrior, the fighter and the great looker.

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