This bookshop themed hotel with sleeping shelves is every reader’s haven

Every book lover would admit thinking about going to a quiet place to read their favourite book. While we have no idea when one will be able to do just that in India, but this is clearly possible in Tokyo. Oh yes, Book and Bed,”an accommodation bookshop” is the place where every book lover will find peace at.

book night ceiling bed and book logo

With 17 books from the genres including English a rich collection of English and Japanese books and Japanese travel guide book, and bed behind the selves, this hotel is every book lover’s haven. 

hostel_photo_book and bed

Designed by Makoto Tanijiri and Ai Yoshida of Suppose Design Office, the hotel has compact spaces with a small bed, power plug and a book light. Once can sleep behind the bookshelf the room is called” BOOKSHELF”. One can even choose to stay in bookshop in beds  called ” BUNK “. 

beds_photo_bed and book and laptop

beds_photo book and bed

beds_photo_bed and book

There are books all over the place including the ceilings.

hostel_photo_book and bed and guest

The place is a reader’s paradise. 

book night ceiling bed and book


book night ceiling bed and book reader

Heaven is here!


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