Artist shoots breathtakingly beautiful underwater portraits while travelling around the globe

Fine art photographer popularly known as 27MMEnric Adrian Gener from Menorca, Spain has been exploring underwater photography and portraiture since 2008. Post studying art and design in Barcelona, the artist started working as a freelance motionographer, while he worked and traveled around the world.

Soon his hobby tuned into his occupation and Enric started spending half of the year Menorca and the other half traveling to other many seas in the world.

1. underwater-portraits-by-27mm-11

His work is serene, inspirational and pure. A lot of hard work goes into shooting inside the water and Enric has mastered that art. 

2. underwater-portraits-by-27mm-12

“I don’t like the word inspiration. It’s something that comes from divinity and from the supernatural. My inspiration is to spend as much time as possible underwater. I always keep in mind this Picasso sentence: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working,”” Enric told TwistedSifter

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