This thriller will make you think twice before you plan to shave off your moustache

Not seeing a moustache on the face of someone who has had it for a decade is quite a striking change. People look totally different and others mostly walk up to them to tell them that they look different and younger. When Sundar decided to shave off his moustache and finally did it,

sundar with moustache

no one seemed to notice it.


Sundar finds it totally scary because he always ha a moustache since a decade. When he tries to find the proof, he gets hit on his head.

sundar hit on his head

What happens next is honestly, a big secret that gets revealed when he lies unconscious on the floor. You must watch this short thriller starring the famous, Jameel Khan, Priyanka Setia and Nisshan KP Nanaiah. The movie is written & directed by Prosit Roy and shared on YouTube by BeingIndian.