15 funny tweets people sent with the hashtag #LiesIveToldMyParents

It is not being your parents kid. There are moments you have to survive when you live with them. And how do you survive with your parents? By telling lies. Lies that can save your ass from being into four. Twitter has been going crazy with the hashtag #LiesIveToldMyParents and people have been telling the sort of lies they have told their parents so far. Reading their hilarious tweets is just fun that rekindles all our sweet memories.

You must read the below lies to relive those moments when you had lied to your parents to avoid getting beaten up or shouted at.

1. When You need a new cellphone.

2. For special food.

3. When you like to go to a party.

4. When parents like to know about report cards.

5. When you scored a bad grade.

6. When weed is involved.

7. When you need security.

8. When you are late already!

9. When you hang up on your parents but you want to avoid hearing the music.

10. When you want to skip the school.

11. When you forget to call your folks.

12. When school starts soon.

13. When you are having a blast but you have to lie.

14. Say no to drugs.

15. Love hurts a bit.