These women have messages which claim #BlameOneNotAll and they are perfectly correct

From quite a long time, feminazism has overtaken feminism and trust me, that’s a horrible thing to happen. Generalizing all the men is a blasphemy. That only shows our low level of intellect.

Mintified took a stand against this and tried to break all the stereotypes against generalizing men under their initiative ‘Blame One Not All’.

Check out these messages that the girls are trying to convey and how appropriate they are –

1. Because not all male professors are the same. Let’s not forget how pure the teacher student relationship is.

blame one not all (1)


2. Because those are the nice men who you work with daily, don’t be ungrateful.

blame one not all (2)


3. Because even though infatuation is a thing, it does not happen with everyone.

blame one not all (3)


4. And that’s the reason why I call him my best friend.

blame one not all (4)


5. Because there’s a thing called loyalty and most of the people do follow it.

blame one not all (5)


6. Because he IS my cousin.

blame one not all (6)


7. Because of one good reason – NOT ALL MEN ARE THE SAME.

blame one not all (7)

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