Behold the first Sikh Superhero, who loves Elvis and hates baddies and bullies!

“Batman meets Jason Bourne!”

Behold the new, fresh faced super hero. As a new superhero is born to save the world from all the baddies! This superhero is a surdy and you may call him, Super Sikh, (real name, Deep Singh) an Elvis-fan, Taliban-fighting super-agent.super sikh

“A new comic book series starring a modern Sikh superhero! Join the adventure as Secret Agent Deep Singh fights for justice with his team, crushing villains all the way from the Punjab to Tennessee and beyond!” – The website says.

Created by the talented duo, Supreet Singh Manchanda and Eileen Alden, a technology executive and comic creator from San Francisco and  an Oakland-based screenwriter, Super Sikh has all the qualities of being a superhero besides his fun-loving ways to deal with the world. The twenty-some super hero has been illustrated by the award winning artist, Amit Tayal. The co-creators of Super Sikh came up with this new character who fights terrorists in Afghanistan to address the often confused American views of Sikh people.introductory issue of super sikh

“Our story is, you’re presented with this situation, how do you respond as a Sikh?” explains Alden.

“We went out of our way to say this has nothing to do with Islam, this has to do with crazy people who don’t know how to live with normal values,” Manchanda clarifies cautiously.

Alden and Manchanda reported that they were clear that they do not want the Super Sikh to have any abnormality which leads to making him a mutant like any other Marvel or DC superhero. They wanted to character to be self-made hero so that all the kids could related to him. He is courageous and he cannot stand bullies. “He’s trained, he’s educated, he’s multicultural. This can be you and that’s a very powerful message.”  **We are jumping with joy!**

The duo shared the kind of treatment they both experienced by their bullies and so they wanted to address the situation of every coloured kid and individual abroad.

The Super Sikh Kickstarter campaign reached their $5,000 goal in just 27 hours, and made $22,000 in the first month.

We are extremely enthralled with the news and have already dug the internet and downloaded all we could to read about the new Sikh superhero. We are  so sure just like the movies, this surdy superhero will be as entertaining as the character could be.