16 insanely deep and gorgeous art works we found on Ello

Look what we found curated on our Ello account

Well, yes, we know not everyone is out there chatting and making friends on Ello. But we tell you something! Ello is one platform where you will see some really cool artists and their curated art works. This week while going through our set of email notifications, we stumbled upon this really cool artist who goes by the name, ‘@witchoria’ on Ello and we fell in love with the work this Brooklyn based graphic designer has shared. @witchoria, has a very short description on her Ello account, “I make art” and the artist stands true to that tiny description. Here are some really enchanting, trippy and deep pieces of graphic art by @witchoria.

1. Hanging on!

hanging on


2. Seapression



3. Let it burn.

let it burn

4. Just breathe.

just breather


5. It is a wonderful lie it is a wonderful lie


6. Head in the clouds

head in the clouds


7. Day dreaming

day dreaming


8. Boom



9. Cliffhanger



10. Wish You Were Here

wish you were here


11. Thigh peaks

thigh peaks

The artist dedicated some designs to her lost friend too and we must tell you that this artists makes very deep, passionate, progressive works of graphic art.

12. Denial 
13. Anger 



14. Bargaining



15. Depression



16. Acceptanceacceptance


That’s some insane work, right? If you are an art maker and think your art is worth sharing, do reach us for we love to curate amazing art works on the internet.

Works of art curated from Ello