18 sleeping babies who define the word ‘cute’!

Are you feeling annoyed at someone or unhappy with something you dislike? Well, I have got something for you which might take away all your pain for at least the time you go through this article. I am sure nobody denies watching cute toddlers, specially then, when they are trying to sleep ;)

They are so adorable that I couldn’t stop myself sharing their cuteness with you. See how innocently beautiful they are:

1. Oho, how should I say your dish was yuck..I will better sleep!

Sleeping baby 1

2. I just recalled a joke! Hahaha….zzzzz 

Sleeping baby 2

3. No daddy, lemme exercise! 

Sleeping baby 3

4. Daddy, hope you had a thick mustache that could be held! I am still OK…sleeping!

Sleeping baby 5

5. Did you call me? huh? No. OK then…zzz

Sleeping baby 6

6. Well, that’s not at all funny! Lemme sleep!

Sleeping baby reaction 7

7. Just aww… 

Sleeping Baby 8

8. HEY..Get out!

Baby sleeping 9

9. Who is sleeping here?

Sleeping baby 10Source for GIFs

10. I hate my life! Why do people have to eat?

Sleeping baby 12

11. I was in the mid of my dancing activity, when I fell asleep…lemme complete the step! LOL

Sleeping baby 13Source for GIFs

12. Hold on, I am analyzing the taste!

Sleeping baby 14Source

13. I am so tired mommy… :(

Sleeping baby 15Source

14. Your TV channel selection is gross, bro! 

Sleeping baby 16Source

15. No, I am not sleeping! Seeeee…zzzzzz :D

Sleeping baby 17Source

16. Just watched Sid from the Ice Age and got inspired!

Sleeping baby 18Source

17 . This is a better place to switch!

Sleeping baby 20Source

18. Me too…hell yeah!

Sleeping baby 21Source

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