A bank peon has six houses and two luxurious cars as earnings!

I guess I need to change my job now. Imagine, being a peon can earn you assets of crores. Who would deny for such a lavish job? Well, I would and even you should. The assets which he has claimed in 30 years of his job as a peon is not his loyal earnings but a result corruption. Kuldeep Yadav who is in his 40’s, started working with a cooperative Bank in Madhya Pradesh in 1983. He never received any promotions but his silent presence concealed wealth which is not possible in a salary of Rs. 20,000 per month.

This bank employee has six bungalows in Gwalior and assets worth Rs. 3 crores and the Anti Corruption Police is still counting the wealth accumulated. To add more to this, the numbers depicted here are only after raiding three out of his six houses. Not only that, the raid which began around 3 a.m yesterday has collected documents for a duplex bungalow, five big houses, two luxury cars, cash, jewelry, insurance policies worth over four lakhs, land and bank lockers. 

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The raid may extend till tomorrow, as said by the official experts who have estimated that the value of corrupted money may lead to seven crores. “His assets are almost 200 per cent of his income,” said senior Lokayukta official Surendra Rai Sharma.


The police also added that it is not possible for a peon who earns not more than 20,000 per month to collect such a huge amount. He couldn’t possibly have  collected 20 lakhs in his working years. It was surprising that such corruption went unnoticed for years until an anonymous complaint which left the police on Mr. Yadav’s doorstep.

I got to learn one thing. Lately though, but truth is never hidden so why not earn our part of money and enjoy rest of life with whatever we have. 

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