This hilarious restaurant stereotypes video will leave you in a laughter riot!

Often it happens that we are too hungry and plan to have food in one of our favorite restaurants. As you are hungry I am sure you see food, smell food, talk food and want to eat food as soon as it is on your table! What happens next is you see bunch of people with different irritating characters around you.

I have gone through some people farting it out loud on dining table, I swear, it was just my hunger that held me back on chair. If you are with your friends then beware of those prankster ones. Moreover, at times it happens that some of the good looking dudes are full of awesome looks but manner-less inside. So, going to restaurants isn’t fun all the time is been proved by this amazing video by Dude Perfect:

I am sure few of these incidents are part of your life too. Am I right? Share such irritating but funny incidents with us in the comments section below and tag your friends who have lovingly irritating nature!