8 times Lisa Haydon made us fall in love with her, head over heels!

First of all, take a moment to see how flawless this goddess looks. *dying right now*




This 29-year old beauty is an Indian Indian-Australian model and actress. We are totally having hots for her and here are the times, when she made us fall in love with her, head over heels:

1. When she recently showed us how healthy and flexible she is. Do you even have bones, Lisa?



2. When she sizzled in this ultra-hot video and made this our favorite track of the year!



3. When she looked flawless without make-up, and made us all jealous!



#bts #comingsoon #pantene #hairlove ❤️❤️

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4. When she totally slayed in Queen and made us watch the movie over and over again.




5. When she gave KRK a piece of her mind on Twitter.





6. When she looked like this, on the Maxim cover.




7. When she inspired us in an interview like this:

I don’t expect anything. I am not really that kind of a person. I do my work. I have fun. I don’t get disappointed or demotivated when films don’t do well. There is way too much more to life. 


8. And when she said this, when people compare her with Angelina Jolie:

Oh yea! I get it once in a while. 

So much, for modesty! How we wish, we all could be as open as her!








Keep slaying, girl!

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