Government plans to apply ‘no work, no pay’ policy on MPs; debates being held

Indian politicians will soon have to abide by the ‘no work, no pay’ policy introduced by the government.

During a debate at the Parliament, Union Minister Mahesh Sharma had said that there have been a suggestion made by the government about applying the ‘no work, no pay’ policy on all the MPs so that public money (taxpayers’ money) is not wasted. This of course, triggered a debate among all the members of Parliament.

“There’s suggestion that like for the bureaucrats there is ‘no work, no pay’, we should implement for the MPs also.” Mahesh Sharma told Economic Times, on Saturday in Varanasi,Uttar Pradesh.

The government the senior ministers have been discussing the new policy to come to a consensus.

“There is a planning for it. Our government is trying and our senior ministers are in touch with the opposition. There is an effort to reach a consensus before the tough action is taken.” He continued.

The discussion lead to a debate where the opposition party wanted to know if it was Mahesh Sharma’s suggestion to apply ‘no work, no pay’ policy on all the MPs.

According to him, he is not the authorized person to make such a suggestion and he is waiting for the senior ministers and the Speaker to talk about it.

He strongly admits that taxpayers’ money should not be wasted.

“People are watching how opposition is behaving in this manner and they are not allowing Parliament to run in a democratic manner. I would want to see if somebody raises this question over there that when a worker doesn’t get a salary, what should happen.” Sharma told.

Congress spokesperson, Manish Tewari called this government’s sudden change of heart.

CPI leader, D Raja also wants to know if Sharma had suggested the government to role-out such a policy.

“One should ask the Union Minister if it is a proposal made by him or by the government itself. The minister should make some irresponsible comment.” D Raja said.

Mahesh Sharma calls the opposition spoilsport and for the lack of issues to debate on.

News Source- Economic Times

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