Angry Nepal tells Indian media to go home for acting insensitive to the Nepal earthquake tragedy

Nepal earthquake killed almost 7000 people up till now according to the news reports. While all the nations have sent their armies and aids to help the survivors and the ones who lost their families and are also keeping their countrymen updated with the progress with the ongoing rescue mission and health support, Indian journalists have not just kept India and Modi ahead of everything but have also regarded the earthquake stricken Nepal. To gain more TRPs and viewership, news channels have tried different tricks to compete with each other. What earlier seemed like a post tragedy inquiry now looks like Indian media is trying to praise India and cover it more than Nepal. Their misconduct at the tragedy spot when reached its height, Nepal decided to tell Indian media to back off and go back to their country with their tweets with the hash-tag #GoHomeIndianMedia.

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Nepal did not say that they do not want India’s support, but highlighted that the media has tried to use their misery to their advantage for the Indian government and Modi.

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Indian media has been accused of being inconsiderate of human emotions while interviewing the earthquake victims.

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Not just this, the media misbehaved with the Nepal Army officers.


India media treated the Nepal earthquake tragedy as a ‘public relations exercise.

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Nepal is grateful to India for aid and help in rescue efforts but doesn’t like the way Indian media insensitively utilized their situation to gain a momentum in the world of journalism and media. 

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Angry Nepal residents also targeted PM Narendra Modi.

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Indian media was given advises to become efficient and not mere talking puppets.

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Some users showed how much they loathed Indian media.

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Already annoyed with the Indian media, Indian twitterati also started trending the hash-tag #DontComeBackIndianMedia to show support for Nepal.

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We really hope exposing Indian media the way it has been exposed brings the good old days when Indian media was substantial and news were true.

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