An ode to a life called ‘Engineering’ is going to bring back nostalgia and happy memories from your engineering days

No one can get over their “engineering days”.

Chai. Sutta. Canteen. Galla. GPL. Maggi. DC++. Bhasad. Laundapa. Baapiyat. Sanan. Mama. Maal. Old Monk. CS. CTC. Goa. Sentiyapa. 

From making your first in hostel to becoming friends with your seniors, from being heartbroken to experiencing your first kiss, from gaming sessions with friend to appearing for the interviews; life at an engineering college is a roller-coaster ride which brings a rush of nostalgia with crazy memories. This video of an engineering college student by Creative Labs Surat is one video which bring back all your great memories from your “engineering days”.

This video is going to make you cry with happiness.