13 tweets that sum up how Twitter reacted to #ModiInDubai

Modi haters and supporters on Twitter wait for his big events and speeches to either send him support tweets or tweet against him. But there are times when PM Narendra Modi doesn’t give anyone any chances to type even a typo against him. Haters are left speechless and all they can do is watch all the Modi supporters celebrate his powerful speeches and plans. A similar situation happened when PM Modi addressed a crowd of over 50000 Indians at the Dubai Cricket Stadium in UAE.

1. Yashwant Deshmukh tweeted in support of Modi!

2. Rahul Kanwal too tweeted


4. Yashwant addressed the people who thought packed stadium was a marketing gimmick.

5. Supporters went on and on about #ModiInDubai


While all the supporters rejoiced, haters went a head with trying to pin point faults and giving all that Modi said a political angle.  7. Sagarika Ghose can’t be behind in this.

8. Yashwant Deshmukh had to address this silly Modi hater.


10. Because Burkha Dutt did not have anything to say, she went ahead and retweeted tweets to showcase at least something on her Twitter timeline.
burkha dutt

11. Official Spokesperson, Ministry of External Affairs, Vikas Swarup too tweeted about PM Modi.

12. And finally, Sultan Al Qassemi from Emirates tweeted about PM Modi. Sultan Al Qassemi is considered an influential voice during the events of the ongoing Arab Spring.

13. He went cherishing the powerful moment of Modi’s speech in Dubai.

burhan waazir

All we have to say is haters gonna hate and lovers gonna love!

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