8 worst dating rules people might be telling you to ruin your relationship

One thing that people love the most is to give ‘free advice’. You could be surrounded by friends and soul-sisters who love you and would love to help you with your relationship, but the fact is, what works for them might not work for you. The dating rules have changed over the years and it is time you learn what could be the best for you. Here are 8 ‘worst’ dating rules people might be feeding your brains to ruin your relationship.

1. Of course, you can if you know how to balance things. 



2. Do not believe in people telling you that. Men are not looking for sex when they date, they are looking for love. Sex just happens. 



3. What if, he had to go back to his hometown or is unwell?




4. You could make the move too. Men actually love daring women. 



5. Then why will he pursue you?



6. Ridiculous! Do you ask them if you could take your morning dump too?



7. Men like women who are up to everything that men like to do, but if you are tired or sick, you will have to say a no. A gentleman will understand it. 



8. You should definitely behave like kids or else you and your partner will have a boring relationship which will soon end. 



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