This video of Myntra office in Bangalore will make you feel sorry for your current office!

Office premises do make a difference in the working culture and the output of the company. This office of Myntra in Bangalore make their employees feel like they are in New York, surrounded by fashion, humor, fitness, sports and much more. The employees at Myntra feel they are blessed to be a part of it. The new office has raised their confidence level and the reason to remain happy.

A vision of unique working space!

Myntra 1

Themed office departments!

Myntra 2

From designers to brands, photographers to magazines…everything is included!

Myntra 4


Myntra 5

The theme on the second floor is fashion magazines

Myntra 6

An engagement area next to the well versed gym on the third floor!

Myntra 7

Not to forget a look good cafeteria!

Myntra 8

Watch how Myntra is one of best offices with a great ambience:

We hope this new and creative push of Myntra would make them the king of online world!