This ghostly picture of a dead father in the first family photo is going viral and how

Like any other lovely couple, Sierra Sherry and Lane Smith decided to have a baby. They were quiet excited about their new born. Meet the family!

sierra sherry


Though they did become a proud parent together but Lane had died as he hit his head at a jet boat race in El Reno, Oklahoma. This is when Sierra was 8 months’ pregnant. Even after her son, Taos was born, and Sierra had a family, she still felt incomplete and thought that she needed Lane around.

Sierra reached out to photographer Kayli Rene to find out a way with which Lane could be a part of Sierra’s family photo. “They asked me if I would be willing to ‘play around’ with capturing their first family photo by editing Taos’ daddy in one of their pictures. I had played around with the idea in my head before they approached me about it but never knew if I could make this a reality for them.”

After expert photoshopping, Rene could add a ‘ghostly’ form of Lane looking over his family’s shoulder.

sierra and lane

Sierra is quite happy to have a picture of her son and his father and is absolutely cherishing it. After seeing Sierra’s first family photo, a lot many people have approached the photographer to create similar images for them.

Here’s what Sierra posted on Facebook-


For those who may not know, I’m gonna share my story.Lane and I had found out we were having a baby at the beginning…

Posted by Sierra Sharry on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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