15 things every guy wishes his girl would know, but won’t ever tell her

They say girls are too complicated to be understood. Well, this holds true for guys as well. As complex as they could be, relationships can be too tough to handle at times, agreed, but if patience is taken as a virtue, they are not too difficult!

It is general notion that guys don’t express much in relationships, but the fact is, most of the guys wish for their girls to understand certain things. Check them out here –

1. Saying “I love you” thousand times a day is not their thing
They will say it when they like to say it, only when they really feel so.

i love you

2. His friends are as important to him as you are, but when he is with them, he needs his own time, the bro-time.
And this is no way means he’s ignoring you.

bro time

3. He loves cuddling as much as you do.
But he’s too shy to admit it.


4. That he doesn’t want you to wear make-up.
He loves you the way you are!

no makeup

5. When he says “have fun” while you are going out with your friends, he genuinely wants you to have fun.
It is good for him to know that you had a good time.

have fun

6. He doesn’t like to discuss your past relationships or his.
Understand, if he says he loves you, he means it. The past doesn’t matter.

past doesn't matter

7. He simply hates it when you compare him with your friends’ boyfriends or anyone else.
Understand that everyone is different, just like he is.

hates comparision

8. He doesn’t like to be constantly asked questions. 
You don’t want to be his mom, do you?

no questions

9. He loves it that you take care of him but overdoing it is hated.
It doesn’t mean you should stop, but it should be balanced.


10. He doesn’t know how to react when you say, “I miss you.”
He might be missing you too, but he doesn’t understand the need of that being told!


11. He doesn’t like to keep texting you all day long – texting hinders concentration.
Rather, he’d prefer a sweet conversation at the end of the day.


12. That a coffee date for him is more happening than a movie date.
A conversation is needed to be had. It never happens on a movie date.


13. That sex is not always on his mind.
There are probably a thousand other things going on in his mind.

sex on mind

14. When tensed, he wants to be left alone for a while, till he gets sorted.
Again, it doesn’t mean that his feelings for you are feeble.


15. That he too gets jealous of your male friends at times.
But he’ll never admit it!


Got any other things that you know he wishes his girl would know, but won’t ever tell her? Feel free to comment down below.

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