9 #AdarshBoyfriend posters you should totally checkout without your girlfriend

Being a boyfriend is not so easy. The relationship doesn’t only require a man to love his girlfriend, it requires more. These 9 #AdarshBoyfriend posters by ScrollDroll show what an ideal boyfriend material does and should do (according to the  society) in his relationship besides love.


1. “I am sorry, babu!”

always ready to apologize


2. “Babu, I am doing something important, let me call you in a while.”

Girlfriend- “Just tell me how to recharge dish TV. I have to watch India’s Got Talent’s finale episode, RIGHT NOW.”

always takes your call


3. “Oh! Lovely! What will will you buy me the next month?”

gets you gifts


4. “Why were you looking at that girl?”

never hits on other girls


5. “Hold the shopping bags, baby!”

obeys you


6. “You don’t even remember when we kissed the first time? Do you really love me?”

remembers all important dates


7.  “Phele, I love you bolo, fir phone rakhungi!”

says I love you


8. Psst! 

shares his secrets


9. “Will you not take me on your ‘Guys trip’, babu?”

takes you on guys trips


Does any of these posters reflect what your relationship looks like? Time to change your move, girls. :D