The reason why this 74-year-old engineer gave up his job at L&T to be a taxi driver is inspirational

We have seen and read about a lot of people who gave up their full time jobs to follow their dreams. As inspirational as those stories can be, we all know the hard truth – it’s not easy to give up your job to do something you’re passionate about. It involves a huge number of challenges that can take ages to be fought.

Humans of Bombay shared this story that is all the inspiration we needed on a Monday afternoon. This guy, 74, left his full time job at L&T to do something unimaginable – to become a taxi driver. There has to be a reason to do that, when you know you’re going to have to step down from a fancy salary to earn a mere amount of ten grand a month. The reason is what makes us believe in humanity. Read the whole story here:

“My wife had suffered from a miscarriage, when one night she felt a sudden pain in her abdomen. At that time of the…

Posted by Humans of Bombay on Saturday, February 6, 2016