Funny video starring Sanjay Manktala shows what happens when an NRI comes to Bangalore

We can make as many jokes on them as we wish, but it is a lot of pain for an NRI to come back to India. To come back and get settled here is a tough task, as you are used to a certain kind of lifestyle. The whole struggle is taken to a new level, when an NRI wants to come back and settle in Bangalore.

Yes, Bangaoreans would know what we’re referring to! Ahmed Shariff shared this brilliant video which focused on the parts that are painful in particular for an NRI when they come to Bangalore. The video stars Sanjay Manktala along with some other talented comedians like Vamsidhar Bhogaraju, Ajay Samson, Sumukhi Suresh, Praveen Kumar, Lazar Verghese, Aditya Shridhar, Sundeep Rao, Sneha Suhas, and Aamer Peeran. Here’s the full video: