The 6 stages of having crush: Superwoman tells how to get going

IISuperwomanII is back with another video and this time she likes to tell you about how to approach your crush. The lady talks about “the 6 stages of having a crush”.

1. Discovery: When you find that one person you have a crush on.



2. Research: Find out if they are as cool in their real life as they look to you when you had a crush on them. Check Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. to conclude that you have a crush. 



3. Show and Tell: She your friends your crush’s pictures and get their approval.

show and tell


4. Daydreaming: You daydream about your crush. Think about them telling the best things to you, etc. 



5. Small talk: Talk a bit to your crush. Borrow some balls from friends, approach your crush and talk!

small talk


6. The finale: If they like you too, you have a happy ending. If not, do something that makes you happy.

the finale


Watch this funny video by Superwoman here: