This kid stood on the footpath asking people to help him go to school, see how he was treated

India has around 13 million child labourers. We witness them every single day but do not take an actions. decide to have a child artist stand on the footpath with a placard that read-

I want to go to school

To see what people will do if they are reminded of the fact that some kids who work are also the same who skip school to earn a living.

people ignored the little boy

The boy kept standing till long but everyone seemed to ignore him.

the boy

Only a few considerate peopled decided to stop and talk to the kid. They did want to help him but the rest moved on and did not even stop to help the kid.

the good people who stopped to talk to the boy

Watch this video as it will change the way you look at the kids who work all day in heat and cold to earn up to Rs. 40 a day.