These 19 guys have completely nailed the whole Facebook thingy

Previously, we had shared how creepy sometimes Facebook stalkers can get. Today, while randomly looking up to some people’s Facebook profiles, I realized how cool they are.

I managed to save the images of a few epic guys who are totally nailing this whole Facebook thingy. They have crossed the level of awesomeness and probably you and I will never, ever be so cool in this lifetime. If you choose to scroll down, I take no responsibility if later you feel an inferiority complex.

1. This dude whose name is way cooler than yours. Also, if you didn’t know it already, he is your girlfriend’s boyfriend. #BURN


I mean just have a look at his profile picture.


2. This dude whose attitude can burn you. Haah! Have a good time decoding the text of his work profile.


3. This princess for whom work is not for her level. All of you who are slogging your asses off at jobs right now, it’s sad that you don’t have AttiTude.


4. Your jija for whom love is life. Two minutes of silence for your universities; this dude has studied at the University of Love Making. #BURN.

7 8

5. This 19-year-old CHWINGUM whose job is so complex, you lesser known people won’t even be able to understand it.

9 10

6. This prince of girls’ hearts.

12 12-1

7. Bee Bee, who will love you till your death.

13 13-1

8. This princess who doesn’t work for anybody but just gives orders to people.

14 14-1

9. This Mr. Besharam who has studied at Facebook.

15 15-1

10. Karan, who is looking for his hot shot haseena.


11. This BOT user who is actually your hero. 


12. 2 minutes of silence for all you underpaid employees. Ahad Chand is already rocking on Vogue’s cover and the number of likes he is getting on his profile picture is more than the sum of likes of all of your pictures, combined.  


13. This King whose work is to party all night. 


14. Pallav, who has a 100% verified Facebook account unlike your basic Facebook profile. You can now burn with jealousy.


15. This editor boy whose profile picture is better than any of you, right now. 


No seriously. Have you seen something as good as this all your life? Just look at those edits. He has better effects than all of your Instagram filters combined.


16. Rayan, who is just sad. Plain Sad. 


17. This stylish boy who is going to make you mad. 


Just look at number of people who agree. 


18. This heart hacker heart hacker (not once, but twice. Yes, he’s cool that way) Ruhela who knows, kisi ke baap mey itna dum nahi ki humse kaam karwa sake.


19. Ravi, who is a heart prince and he is famous in someone’s heart.


Don’t you feel upset about your boring, basic life? You must. I did too. But the truth remains. You will never be as cool as any of these dudes and princesses.