21 things that Punjabis can be caught doing at any wedding

The wedding season is on and the Punjabi weddings are at a peak right now. While you are having a ball at a Big Fat Punjabi Wedding, you could notice the other Punjabi uncles, aunties and kids having a great time enjoying many a things at the venue or let’s say you will notice them being themselves at the wedding.

1. Punjabi men will urge the dholwalas to multitask. They will ask them to play hard and dance with them. 

dancing on dholSource

2. Sometimes they ask the dhol guy to take the 100 rupees note pressed between their lips with their lips. 

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3. All Punjabi aunties assign a young kid the task of bringing food to them. It doesn’t matter if the kid is related to them in any way. Even friends’ kids have been victimized.

kid eatingSource

4. Young Punjabi girls will roam around where the gang of cute guys nest.

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kareen flirtingSource

5. The hungry bride will be all happy during the wedding, but right when she sits for the Pheras she will start crying as instructed by her parents. ;)


6. Young Punjabi boys will be caught giving open love signals to girls. 

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7. Sometimes these boys approach their bhabhis and aunties to introduce them to the girl.

deepika and ranbir dancingSource

8. You will never know that aunties could break a leg at dancing.

aunties dancing


9. All Punjabis will be in search for chicken tikka.

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10. All Punjabi uncles will stand near the bar.


11 Punjabi kids will be caught abusing each other in Punjabi and their mothers telling them to shut up.


12. Drunk Punjabi uncles will be dancing on the floor asking their wives to join them.

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And then they join their husbands to make all their kids embarrassed.


13. Aunties will be caught checking out each other’s sarees and jewellery.

jealous auntySource

14. You will see the Punjabi crowd going mad as the DJ plays a new Punjabi track.

we do shaadi all nightSource

15. You will see all the Masis (aunties) crying during the Pheras at once. They are usually the first ones to cry. 

aunty cryingSource

16. At one corner you will hear uncles and aunties talking about how much money was spent at the wedding

uncle and auntySource

17. Punjabi aunties will be eager to have their daughters meet their friends who have eligible young sons.

punjabi auntySource

18. You will notice that every woman in a Punjabi family likes to flaunt her expensive clothes and jewellery.

aunty flaunting her jewellerySource

19. Punjabi weddings have the best dancing men in the baraat.

dancing in baraatSource

20. “Nahi-nahi, 50,ooo se kam nahi lenge”  You will only see Punjabi saalis stealing shoes and asking for a lot of money. 

saali stealing shoesSource

21. If any side of the family is Punjabi, there will always be a car-o-bar set in the boot of a chacha ji’s car.

Drinking auntySource

Am I missing out any crazy things which Punjabis do in their weddings? Let me know in the comments section below!

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