15 celebrities you should take fashion inspiration from

A fashionista like you should never be alone! Style and Fashion are all about taking inspirations from what looks good to what goes well with one’s unique style. And all we do is create a medley of BOTH. Here we bring to you 14 all time fashion icons you should always look up to.

1. Cara Delevingne

Cara’s style is all about experimenting what looks cool, stylish and edgy.

Cara Delevingne Source

Cara Delevingne 3


2. Emma Stone

Bootcut jeans, mini skirts, camisole, fitted jackets and heels are essential parts of Emma’s style.


3. Jennifer Lawrence

Jen’s style includes- Skinny jeans, any comfortable yet stylish clothes and always a gown for any big events!

jennifer-lawrence 1Source

4. Malaika Arora Khan

Stylish yummy-mummy likes to dress up like a diva. Dresses, palazzo pants, spaghetti tops, and heels teamed with nicely done hair.

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5. Sonam Kapoor

You need confidence and style to dress up in any way you want. Don’t say no to new styles because she doesn’t!

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6. Lisa Haydon

Light comfortable clothes with loose jeans and nicely fitted tops along with accessories and a nice hair-do does it all for Liza!

lisa-hayden aSource

7. Emma Watson

Emma’s style evolution has been very interesting. The actress has already donned a pixie hair cut and now she has begun dressing up like a complete grown up diva. Her style is sleek and chic. If you take her as your fashion inspiration, go  for styles which ooze class and are slick and sleek.

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8. Kate Moss

Kate dresses up like a lady on the run but with stylish clothes. Go for shirts, skinny jeans, tank tops, & edgy boots. Once you start taking notice of her style, you will know what to wear.


Kate moss 2Source

9. Deepika Padukone

Go for styles which enhance the beauty of your natural body. It is OK to wear simple white shirts and jeans with heels but remember to dress up like a full power diva with the most fashionable clothes. This diva has accepted all styles with open arms, you can do that too.

deepika-padukone 1Source

10. Jacqueline Fernandez

Don a cool lady-like hair-do and wear stylish yet comfortable clothes. Jacqueline’s style is all about comfort.

jacqueline_fernandez 1Source

11. Miranda Kerr

Miranda  masters wearing denim on denim. Keep comfortable clothes in your wardrobe like, denims and shorts, and pair them with shirts or pastel tops. Miranda doesn’t fall for all the trends. Her style is all about feeling comfortable and yet trendy.

miranda kerr 1Source

Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr holds onto her hat in windy New York City as she goes out with her dog FrankieSource

12. Rihanna

Edgy as ever! Dress up like a punk, wear dresses which make everyone turn around, and opt the latest trends but yes do take care of your nails and hair just like Riri does.

rihanna styleSource

13. Taylor Swift

Taylor’s style is fresh, trendy and more like a teenager! If you love her style, then you should know you don’t have to bare your skin a lot wearing a navy top with denim shorts will do.

taylor swiftSource

14. Victoria Beckham

Opt for mid-length formal dresses, skirts, neat and stiff shirts and tops, pair them with heels and make your hair like a grown up diva!

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victoria-beckham (style)Source

15. Ariana Grande

The young star has a perfect fresh style with a love for pastel shades. You should own a pair of pump shoes, mini skirts, skin-tight high waist pants, crop tops, mid waist skirts, baggy sweaters and boots to match up with her style.

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