Times of India’s tribute to Chamchas is an exaggerated version of reality, but true!

The Great Indian Chamcha is born to serve. This hilarious video by Times Of India is an ode to the culture of sycophancy, aka Chamchagiri. The video begins with what led to the born of ‘oily Chamchas’ and how many ‘Chamchas’ try to please there bosses.

Highlights-  You will be introduced to the Political Chamchas, the Musician’s Chamchas, the Coporate Chamchas and the Chamcha who says- Aap Toh Paida Honey Se Pehle Hi MAHAAN Ho Sir. 

aap toh paide honey se pehle
“Aap Toh Paide Honey Se Pehle Hi Mahaan Ho Sir! “

All of them to remind you of the chamchas around you.

PS: They are so many that one can even make a cutlery set of them. :P