Muslim man breaks all boundaries to give his friend a religious funeral

Razzak Khan Tikari and Santosh Singh had a strong 8-year-long friendship. The two shared a great bond and were more like brothers. When Santosh lost his battle to a critical health condition on 20th September, Razzak took the responsibility of giving Santosh a religiously performed funeral as Santosh’s wife could not afford to have religious funeral performed for her husband due to their poor economic conditions.

Santosh was originally from Harda and was living in Baitul, Chhattisgarh with his wife, Chhaya and their 8-year-old daughter.

Razzak broke all the religious boundaries and performed Hindu rites for his friend. He had taken help from an organisation to make sure all the religious customs were performed for his late friend, Santosh.

“Religion should not become a barrier in friendship,” Razzak told.



News Source: Catch News