12 best gripping and mind-effing movies you must watch

If you are a movie buff or not these movies will set your mind on an unknown race trying to figure out what led to what and how things could change in just a fraction of seconds, give these movies a watch, and we bet you will bless us for bringing the best food for your brain and imagination.


1. Momento

Who is here? Where is he? What happened to him? He can’t remember a thing except his dying wife. A movie that every one must watch!


2. The Prestige

A movie truly meant for the smarter audience.


3.  Requiem for a dream

A totally gripping movie about drugs and chemical drugs and more drugs. A movie so twisted is only worth one watch!


4. The Butterfly effect

Things turn ugly if one thing in the past is changed. What will you do to end it all? Watch this mind blowing movie and you will know!



5. Shutter Island

A Marshall (Leonardo DiCaprio) enters a very wicked mental hospital to never leave it ever!


6. Fight Club

Just remember one thing! Don’t mention fight.


7. Deja vu

Happened once to be felt twice.


8. Awake

What if you stay awake during an operation even when you are given heavy doses of anesthesia? What will you do when people are trying to kill you but you can’t move an inch to save yourself?


9. Being John Malkovich

If you get inside someone’s mind what will you do?


10. The Fountain

We aren’t going to say more!



11. Incendies

What if your father is also your bother?


12. The Usual Suspects

A movie that will grip you so tight to your seat that you will only get up once it is over.


Disclaimer- This list does not include Inception and many such obviously watched movies! :)


Let me know how you feel about these 12 movies once you have watched them!


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