Kids can play around a python without getting hurt!

Semi-professional snake handler, Jamie Guarino who also hosts Snakehunters TV webseries, has a different idea for a pet for his daughters. He introduced his daughters to his collection of complicated reptiles including, a Burmese python. As a snake handler from the age of 18, Jamie wanted to prove that reptiles can be friendly and playful too.

In the video he shot his 14 months old daughter Alyssa playing with the python, unharmed.

He informed- “Snakes are not evil creatures, they can be a loving pet. My daughter was in absolutely no danger… as you can see the snake is just roaming around it has no interest in biting her.”

Alyssa playing with the puython

He also included, “Please take a minute, don’t judge based on fear for something you don’t understand.”

Alyssa playing with the python

Watching this video might change your thoughts about reptiles and may help you curb your own fear of them.

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