10 types of ridiculous comments fans post on celebrity accounts

We, Indians, love our Bollywood celebrities and sport stars way too much. And now, as it is easy to communicate with them. Thanks to social media websites! Fans can share absolutely anything with their super stars, be it their secret desires, lusty comments, hate messages and career advise. Here are 10 most common things fans write on their favourite celebrity profiles & walls.

1. Be another celebrity and test your favourite celebrity fans’ love.

akshay kumar

2. Use ‘Jaanu’ & ‘Jaan’farhan akhtar

3. Do a survey on your favourite star by becoming another super star.


4. Dirty tricks to hook up with people who have similar interests as yours. ;)

sunny leone

5. Be a total pervert!


6. Cuss, your favourite star. God bless, the love-hate relationship.


7. Become a part-time celeb career adviser and share your piece of mind with them.

shahid kapoor

8. Be the best all rounder make your favourite celeb one too.

virat kohli

9. Tease your super star celeb with their love affairs. 


10. Be totally sick at English and never care about it.  


If you have come across some really hilarious comments on celebrity walls, do share them in the comments section.