Woot! This Chinese boss took his 6000 employees on a trip to France, completely on the company’s expense

A new world record was set this Friday by more than ix thousand employees of Chinese group Tiens. How, you ask? Before I tell you, you might want to get some Burnol because this is going to hurt. So these six thousand employees not only made a world record, but they did so by enjoying a holiday in France completely at their company’s expense.

These Chinese employees created the  longest human-made phrase visible from the sky, as declared by the Guinness World Records inspectors. These members of Tiens which is one of the biggest Chinese groups, they arranged themselves to spell out the phrase “Tiens dream is Nice in the Cote d’Azur” in the southern resort town of Nice.

6000 employees


This whole trip and the Nice act was done to honor Tiens business conglomerate. It operates in a variety of sectors ranging from biotech to tourism.

Li Jinyuan, the president of the group got 4,760 rooms booked in 79 four and five star hotels in the beautiful cities Cannes and Monaco. What’s more, they had to use as many as 146 buses to travel.

Their visit in Nice cost them 20 million euros ($22.5 million).

BRB. Searching for job options in Tiens ;)

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