10 places to visit in India when you are low on budget

Want to take a break and step out of the city but you and your friends are low on budget? Here are a few places you can see when you want to move out and are on a tight budget! We assume, you have 3 grand to spend per person.

1. Jaipur

Gang up with friends, hop in a bus or take a car and pool in for the gas. You can have the delicious local food for lunch and see all the gorgeous forts and market places. Have dinner at a local restaurant and come back the same night.



2. Agra

Take the train or arrange for a car, drive to Agra through the awesome highway. See Taj Mahal and other cool places in Agra, pack some  Panchi’s special petha and come back!

In your budget you could spend a night at a local hotel too.



3. Dehradun

Take a train or a local state bus. Visit the monastery, the famous mandirs and have a great time at Robber’s cave, Sahastradhara and the Tiger falls. Have delicious bakes from the market and come back the same night!



4. Nainital

Bus is a great option to reach Nainital if you can’t arrange for a friend’s car. Have a great time at Tiffin’s top, visit the high altitude zoo, indulge in boating at the lake, go to sattal to just stare at the amazing view for long or chill over some beer. If you love to skate, there is skating hall too near the market and don’t forget to visit the cool Tibetan market too.



5. Mussoorie

Take the train and binge on the food mum packed for the trip for you, reach Mussorie, freshen up at a restaurant and go see the gorgeous Kempty Fall, Mussoorie Christ Church, chill on the Gun hill or the Mussoorie Lake and come back the next morning or the same night.



6. Amritsar

Take the train to Amritsar, visit the Golden Temple, eat the delicious langar. Once your belly is full, move out to see the Jallianwalla Bagh, and the Wagan Border ceremony. Come back the same night! Do the reservations before hand.



7. Kasauli

There are many places to see in Kasauli so if you could arrange for your night stay at a hotel and go back home the next day after seeing the places left, you will have a great time! Here are a few places you can see and chill at- Kasauli Brewery, Monkey Point, Hawa Ghar, Lower and Upper Mall, Mughal Garden, & Sunset point.



8. Haridwar/Rishikesh

Live like a hippie for a day, stay at an aashram or a local hotel and spend your time chilling at the tripiest spots and cafes.



9. Banaras

The place is full of culture, colour and serenity. Get here and find the spots you like to chill at besides the many temples. PS: The Ghat is beautiful. You might end up staying here all day long!



10. Mathura

Take a bus or do a car pool to get to Mathura. Stay at an aashram. See the beautiful temples like, Krishna Balram Temple, & Prem Mandir and visit  the Government Museum. Eat delicious food and sweets, have a great time , pack some Pedas for home.



If you like to suggest any places of your choice, do make a good use of the comments section below. :D