Here’s the complete guide on cracking long distance relationhips with flying colors

The term long distance relationship is strong enough to leave anyone aghast. We believe everyone has been there, at least once in life. Hard it is, no denying to that fact, but the only thing that keeps us going is the partner. The hopes of seeing him/her and the dreams of being together soon are the facts that boost us to go through the ordeals that are involved in a long distance relationship. While this is the case, many of us have given up on long distance relationships. Is giving up really worth it? Is it too hard to keep going? Do we forget about the coming bright future with our partner? Does distance really matter for any relationship?

Whatever might be the answers to all these questions, there’s something that we’re very sure about. Distance or no distance, your partner is really the one and we know you must hang on to him/her. We try to bring out some real life hacks that you could use to keep your long distance going smoothly, and to keep the romance on.

First things first:

The moment you decide to get into a long distance relationship, make sure you’re going to abide to the kind of commitment level that would be required.

Before plunging make sure you guys will at least be able to meet, if not regularly, surely. Do not put yourself in a position where meeting even once a year should be difficult; if you’re bordering on this criterion, drop the date.

Long distance relationship

Okay, by now if you’re reading any further it per se guarantees the befitting zone you fall into and qualify for a long distance relation.

Ubiquitous love quotient:

Distance or no distance, love is a prerequisite and pivotal to any relation (considering the fact that you don’t give much importance to money and other materialistic gimmicks). Where there is love, there is a way. It bridges and tames the distance and thus of utmost importance.


Sharing interests:

Make sure you find a common interest or even better, interests, on which you both are able to talk, share views and laugh over. This helps you blend and gel well with your alter-ego and inspires positivity.

Long distance share

A phone call a day keeps the insinuation away:

Call your partner at least once a day. This will help him/her feel you’re around and that works wonders.

I love you


Honesty is indeed the best policy, more so for long distance relations. Do not lie, for every lie he/she finds out may provoke the other person to take the same path and that is a dead end. Impasse.

Be truthful about your opposite sex friends to each other. Nothing else can more complicate your relation. Provide your partner with contact details of the person who she/he can contact during any contingency when you’re not available.

Also try being friends with friends of your partner, this helps percolate your relation to deeper roots.

Long distance honesty

Patience is the key:

It is totally understandable if some couples complain about being misunderstood every now and then. You don’t have to be a literary genius or a huge talker to get the hang of it. Remember you were able to fall in love with the same vocabulary.

Patience is the key. It is probable that both of you are not on the same page with the argument. Because you aren’t able to see the other person arguing with you, you cannot possibly read their expressions and their literal meaning all the time.

So, let the other person finish what he/she needs to say, then process, understand and express, which brings us to the next point.

Patience in long distance relation ship

The knowledge of emoticons:

Every long distance relationship [in this century ;)] needs to WhatsApp, chat or email (if nothing), to stay in touch. It is bound to happen that you and your partner do not have the mutual understanding towards emoticons. After all, those are the only faces that you see while you are talking to your girlfriend/boyfriend. Don’t be shy to ask their take on the emoticons you suspect misused. Gradually develop your code of emoticons.


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