This video with a horrifying start and a powerful message in the end is what all women deserve

I am a young woman driving home late one night. I assure my mother that I will be home in ten minutes and hit the road to abode. It’s a scary road with no one on them and my car ditched me, I tried, but it refused and then I saw an SUV crossing with five men in it. Something told me that their intentions were not good. You know what I want to convey? They took a turn and stopped their vehicle next to mine and then…

No no, do not stop, but watch it for a greater impact, the story of an ordinary girl who faces this scenario one day.Watch this amazing video to make possible which is impossible in today’s world!

 Let us not make women scared, but give her the world that probably exists, not the one we have created. Let’s convey the world this message. We have the capabilities to turn impossible to possible. Yes, we can. Thank you Vogue India for this awesome, powerful message!