Zero mercy for animals – Boy stands on a tortoise at a zoo and clicks pictures

While many organisations, NGOs and voluntary groups are fighting for animal welfare and animal rights against animal cruelty, a few insensitive people among us who take animals as mere jokes and insignificant beings around, try doing horrific things them which disgust us. We all remember watching on our phones a video of a boy holding a dog from its tail and taking rounds like he was a merry go round swing at children’s fete. How much we wanted to stop that guy and punish him! Even though people talked against this video and many other such videos of terrible pranks done on animals, some of us don’t care to budge. A boy named, Fazal Sheikh has been held in the bars for illegally entering a tortoise cage and clicking pictures around and on it in Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad. The pictures were clicked so he could post them on his social accounts. When a few days back the local paper published the pictures, the zoo authorities caught hold of the boy.


A local daily had carried the photos after which Zoo authorities lodged a complaint. After verifying with the newspaper and the boy’s Facebook profile, Mohd Abdul was picked up last night,” the officer said.

When asked, the boy said he took the pictures standing on the tortoise “just for fun”!     *This disgusts us already.

If you have anyone around you who has been very with animals, please report at you local authorities.

News and Image Source Deccan Chronicle