The personal blog of this 20-year-old female Pakistani motorcyclist breaks all the social norms

20-year-old Zenith Irfan from Lahore Pakistan is one hell of an inspiring girl you must follow. The young female motorcyclist from Pakistan set out for her six-day journey from Lahore on June 14th which she completed on June 20th. Inspired by her father’s dream to travel the world on his bike, Zenith is breaking all the social norms and stereotypes and how!

Zenith traveled through Kashmir riding on different motor cycle models including Honda 125, Honda CD -70 and Suzuki GS-150.

zenith irfan in kasmir with kids


She had no difficulties in setting out for her solo bike trip.

She told Daily Pakistan, “My mother is a very liberal woman. In fact, she was the one who motivated and pushed me to ride a motorcycle.”

She wants to change the way people look at female motorcyclists. “A social taboo is enforced on female motorcycle riders by creating a sense of disgrace and shame.”

Zenith’s personal blog named: ‘1 girl, 2 wheels‘  on Facebook reveals her liberating 6-day journey in the beautiful terrains in Kashmir, her love for travelling and the mountains and her free spirited beautiful aura.

She describes her blog: “A 20 year old Capricorn, set on an epic journey on a Honda 125 motorcycle amongst the terrains of Pakistan with nothing but her free hearted soul.”

Her profile image’s caption reads:

How can you experience freedom, when you never tasted the air? And we so agree with her!

zenith irfan

After her friends told her to write to Humans of Pakistan, she took the time to write to them and composed a write up for picture.

humans of pakistan

“He wanted to travel the world on a bike. He wanted to experience every emotion and tantalize every sense he was capable of. I was 10 months old when I lost him and at a very tender age I understood that “some things just don’t last forever”. My mother accepted it quickly and we all knew this was all we had; ‘each other’. With my brother still in her womb and with me cradled in her arms, she fought and raised us. I guess it’s the whole emotional roller coaster that ignited the inner biker girl. I was 12 when I first rode one. All I could remember saying was “How do you stop this? How do you stop this?” With the twist of the throttle, the shift of the gear, I went to places carrying my father’s legacy. If I fall, I have to get up by myself. Dust the dirt caused by my own failure and face the raging road again. There is no helping hand. You are the designer of your own catastrophe. We all try to find our escape routes. We all try to seclude in something or someone. For me, it was motorcycles.”

The brave-heart knows no fear.

Zenith Irfan Fear

She describes this image:

Fear: A beautiful yet haunting sensation. Have you ever slept at night, dreaming to achieve something but couldn’t because fear didn’t let you? Know that fear is both your enemy and friend. It is fear for the unknown that keeps your wanderlust spirit alive.

When I decided to go to Kashmir, I was scared. I couldn’t sleep all night, thinking what if I die? What if, I fall? What if I fail? These very “what ifs” challenged my hippie soul. I kept asking myself, “Zenith, Do you really want to do it?” And each time the answer was, yes. Do it. Look beyond your fear. Use this very fear as your weapon. For in the fear of unknown, lies a heaven worth discovering.

In a few weeks, Zenith will be traveling towards north, donating money at mosques for renovation and helping the flood victims in Chitral.

We wish this inspiring daredevil explorer luck, safety and happiness in her future bike trips. You can follow her blog here.

News Source: Daily Pakistan