This Bihar MLA started throwing things around like a maniac. You will be surprised to know why

Independent MLA Jyoti Rashmi created a ruckus in the Bihar Legislative Assembly, yesterday. Female independent MLA, who has been suspended at many occasions earlier, was demanding Speaker Uday Narayan Chaudhary on imposing prohibition on liquor in the state.

Right when the opposition BJP MLAs walked out while protesting against deteriorating law and order conditions in the state, Jyoti Rashmi barged in the Well and requested to be allowed to raise the issue of liquor prohibition. Up on her demand being denied by the Speaker at the Legislative Assembly, she threw her headgear and started overturning chairs and table.

The MLA lost her calm and even tore five mikes of the ruling JD(U) MLAs.

The Speaker had to call women marshals to get angry Jyoti Rashmi out of the Assembly.

State Parliamentary Affairs minister Shrawan Kumar moved a censure motion for Jyoti Rashmi’s suspension from the House and her elimination from all committees in which she was a member.

The Speaker admitted the motion and ruled suspended Jyoti Rashmi from the House


News Source: Business Standard