20 countries perfectly described in single lines

An interesting question is a great conversation starter. A frequent Quora user asked – “If you have to describe the countries in one sentence, what will that sentence be?” Quora members flooded this guy’s post with numerous interesting and funny answers. Read-

1. England – Had the largest empire ever, but lost it due to drinking too much tea.


2. USA: Your face has oil. I think it needs freedom and democracy.


3. India: It is a country where people first become engineers and then decide what to do with their lives. Though,  “You don’t cast your vote.You vote your caste’ is also our favourite.Indiia

4. Bangladesh: Bangladesh does not participate in Olympics because all their people who can run, swim or jump – have already crossed the borders.


5. Pakistan: Have a blast till you last. Second favourite description, “Accepting mediocrity since Independence.”


6. Brazil: In many countries, it is illegal to become a prostitute until you are 18; in Brazil, it is the retirement age. Second favouriteis “The country of the future. Only the future never comes”.


7. China: A country that seriously opposes all kinds of illegal behaviour, like Democracy and Human Rights.


8. Madagascar – Nobody gave a fuck about them until movies came out.


9. Afghanistan – You came, you saw, you got slaughtered.

10. Korea – Serving as a doormat between two giants.Switzerland

11. Italy – We were really important but now we make shoes. We also liked, “Pasta, Pizza e Pizzo.”


12. Greece – We did bunch of shit for mankind about 10,000 years ago, but now we are bankrupt.


13. Australia – USA in making.


14. Switzerland – We will take your money.


15. Sweden – World War avoiders.


16. Spain – Once led the world, now leads the world in unemployment.


17. Portugal – We had a empire, but now everyone thinks we are Spain.

18. Canada – Are we not America yet?madagascar

19. Poland – Goddamn neighbours


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