9 movie concepts that will make you say WTF

Sometimes, movie logic(s) make you want to pull your hair or punch in a hole in the wall. Bollywood really doesn’t go with any plans to use brains. Hence, you are fed some of the random and repetitive doses of bullshit. If you are not using Quora, you are missing on a lot of good stuff. Besides intelligent, logical and professional questions, people love to ask Bollywood questions, we guess, it is their own way to troll Bollywood. We stumbled upon this really interesting question on Quora and the answers are worth a read. A user asked – What are some of the Bollywood/Hollywood movies based on silly logic/assumptions, the answers he got will make your day! :D

1. If you want to make someone your best friend, just buy him a burger, that’s all, it’s done.

amir khan and abhishek

2. People cannot see you until you hear the secret, they were talking about.

are you guys blind

3. If you want to dance, then just start dancing on the road because everyone you meet on the street know all the steps you are going to do.


4. You cannot see any door except the one in which hero is standing.

ddlj meme

5. If hero punches one guy , the other 50 also fall.



6. The heroine dates a multi-millionaire businessman, but is unaware of the fact that he is a multimillionaire. Who are you, Alia Bhat or what?

ghajini scene


7. Any competition you enter and give a ‘heart felt performance ‘ guarantees you the prize, to hell with the rest of the contestants.

abcd final dance


8. If you try something and fail the heroine will feel sad for you and might fall in love, but if you’re the comedian no one will give 2 shits about your feelings. Rajpal-Yadav-2


 9. Bonus: