This ‘Taken’ in India sketch is going to make you laugh so hard

What happens when you favourite movie turns a bit Indian? Sanjaycomedy brings a funny sketch of Taken named Taken In India and it is hilarious.

The kidnapper barges in.

kidnapper in the house


Takes the daughter and asks her to call her daddy!

calling for ransom


Dials a wrong number!

wrong number


Father says the million dollar dialogue.

i dont know who you are


But I will find you and…

i will kill you


But it is not the kidnapper!

i am calling you from airtel


As soon as the call gets over…

calling for ransom


Father says the million dollar dialogue again.

yada yada


To find…

dominoos call


And takes another call to find. 

LI see.

So what happens when he finally gets to speak to the kidnapper?

ir is ringing

but I have your daughter


Something’s changed!?

how is she doing


Watch this video to find out what happened in the video: