This man was wrongly accused of murder his behavior toward the guy who lied and got him jailed is SURPRISING!

What will you do if you are punished for a crime or mistake you never did for the longest time, let’s say- 39 years? This happened with Ricky Jackson (probably, the best human being we have ever come across). Ricky was convicted of a murder basis the testimony  of a 12 year old child  in 1975. 39 years later in 2014, the guy accepted in the court that he lied about seeing Ricky killing in the store. Here is Ricky talking about the guy who lied and got him into the jail for 39 years.

Ricky Jackson talking about the guy who lied at the courtSource

Watch what happened at the court and how Ricky became a free man and what he has got to say about coming out of the jail and he plans to spend his life.