Are Rohtak brave-hearts fooling the world? Watch this and decide!

Are Rohtak Brave-hearts really brave? Caught in the news the two Rohtak girls who gave 3 of their molesters a nice beating while travelling in the bus a couple of days ago, were again in fame for beating two boys who reportedly tried to eve-tease them at a park in Rohtak.

The Haryana state police had announced to reward the two girls on Republic Day after the first incident considering that the girls had really done a great job standing against their molesters and setting an example for the Indian women.

After watching the second video, many observed that the video only showed the sisters slapping, and kicking their molesters while all the men in both the videos were quietly taking the beating without even saying a word or raising their hands. Could there be anything wrong with the intentions of the two sisters? Why didn’t the eve-teasers try to fight back in the video? The third and the most important question that arises here is – whether the boys in the videos were really molesters?

In this video, the people who traveled on the bus reported that the girls had started to argue over seats with the boys which led to a heated argument after which the girls started hitting the boys.

argument started over seats

There was no incident of boys misbehaving with the girls.

the boys were framed

the boys never teased the girls

The girls were carrying a men’s belt in their bag and had one more girl along with them who began shooting with her phone’s camera as soon as the girls started hitting the boys.

there was another girl - rohtak brave heart story tok a different angle

The girls had framed a few boys  from their village.

the girls had done a similar blackmail case- rohtak bravehearts

They also reported that the third guy was innocent and not even involved in the argument.

the third guy

Did the girls plan it all?

Now that the entire matter has become completely confusing nobody is sure who is the hero of the ‘Brave Heart Story- the girls, the passengers or the boys? What do you think?

Watch the entire video here

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